In-House Support

In-House Support

Bring our expertise in-house! San Diego Computer Consulting® can provide you with on-site staffing to meet your company's IT needs.

Continuous In-House Support

San Diego Computer Consulting® can offer you a dedicated technical support specialist for your business. Gain the benefits of an in-house and on-site IT professional who can learn the daily operations and specific needs of your office without your need to hire a full-time employee.

Special Projects

Whether you need the extra manpower, some additional technical expertise, or both - San Diego Computer Consulting® can help you get your special projects done in-house. Our professional staff will be there with you as active members of your project team.

Part-Time Assistance

Overflow Work

Got more than you can handle? We understand that finding qualified professionals can be difficult when you need extra IT work done on a temporary basis. San Diego Computer Consulting® will help you carry the extra load so that you can keep going with business as usual.

Branch Office Local Support

San Diego Computer Consulting® has years of experience assisting companies with branch office locations. We specialize in providing local, hands-on support while coordinating with the company's centralized IT department.

Flexible Scheduling

Whether you need someone in-house 3 days a week on a regular basis or additional personnel full-time for a month, San Diego Computer Consulting® will work with you to make sure your needs are met.


“We have special database and report generating software on our Webserver. San Diego Computer Consulting's web development and programming support allows us to manage the data and get it to our customers in the secure format that we require.”
Mari Bacon,
Sullivan & Luallin